Saturday, September 10, 2005

A closeup view

SlimJim 2 Meter Antenna

As the title states, this is the slimjim 2 meter antenna that I just completed. The antenna was made with quarter inch copper tubing, or refridgerator tubing as they say. The base section is a inch inner diameter PVC pipe section. The slimjim boasts more efficiency over the standard 5/8 wave antenna because it's lobes branch out horizontally, rather than at a 15 to 35 degree angle. This means, theoretically, that more of the gain is radiating omnidirectionally at your targets, rather than getting lost in the sky. The antenna is fed like an end-fed zep or j-pole and the matching section is contained inside the pvc. So far I have had very positive results with it. If you would like to view the plans click HERE.