Thursday, November 08, 2007

Pulsing Amplifier Tuner

I made a trip to my local Radio Shack and was able to find all the parts I needed for this project. I have to admit that the circuit board I ended up with doesn't look as nice as the schematic, but the circuit works very nicely. Richard Measures was kind enough to publish the above seen schematic and notes. I increased the resistor value of R1 to increase the speed or frequency of the dits for more stable meter readings.

The idea behind the pulser is to use a rapid series of cw dits that are fast enough to keep the meter levels stable. I plug this into the electric-key jack on my 746pro, and while in cw mode, tune for max output. This circuit will save your tubes, and power supply, because it only uses 1/3 the grid current to tune your amp up.