Wednesday, April 27, 2005

CJML 580 in Winnipeg on the air for two weeks in May

A temporary radio station will be launched in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, on May 1st. CJML will be broadcasting for two weeks on 580 kHz mediumwave. CJML commemorates the 60th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day in the Second World War. As well as wartime memories, the broadcasts will feature events leading up to and immediately following the war, big band and other period music, and appearances by veteran Winnipeg radio personalities. The calls CJML stand for Come Journey Down Memory Lane. The station can be contacted by writing to 2565 Broadcasters, P.O. Box 46124, RPO Westdale, Winnipeg, R3R 3S3, Canada. If CJML uses the facilities of the 50-kilowatt CKY, which until May 2004 operated for years on 580 AM, it should be heard widely in North America. Local DXer Shawn Axelrod was the first to report about the radio project.(, April 26, 2005)

Monday, April 25, 2005

The new DXpedition rig

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Site looks great

Your site looks great. I will be sure to post some messages later.

Bill Harms
Elkridge, Maryland

April 2005 Loggings

My AM broadcast loggings from April 2005.

Call KHz Location SIO Date
KGA 1510 Spokan, WA 444 Apr 3, 2005
KQLX 890 Lisbon, ND 333 Apr 4, 2005
KLMR 920 Lamar, CO 444 Apr 5, 2005
KCJJ 1630 Iowa City, IA 444 Apr 10, 2005
WYLL 1160 Chicago, IL 444 Apr 11, 2005
KSCJ 1360 Sioux City, IA 444 Apr 17, 2005
WTTN 1580 Watertown, WI 323 Apr 18, 2005
KGHS 1230 Int. Falls, MN 333 Apr 21, 2005
KWNO 1230 Winona, MN 222 Apr 21, 2005
WCCN 1370 Neilsville, WI 344 Apr 21, 2005
CFRW 1290 Winnipeg, MAN 343 Apr 24, 2005
KBRB 1400 Ainsworth, NE 323 Apr 24, 2005
WKNR 850 Cleveland, OH 222 Apr 24, 2005
WKLJ 1290 Sparta, WI 333 Apr 24, 2005
WOOD 1300 Grand Rapids, MI 333 Apr 24, 2005

SIO stands for Signal Interference Overall

Saturday, April 23, 2005


My bedtime secret weapon

This is my 22 inch mw loop. I made it from pine dowels. It works great near the bed with my Sony ICF 2010. Anything bigger would have me sleeping in the dog house. My main dxing antenna is a homebrew K9AY loop array. Check out this link if you'd like to read more about the K9AY antenna

Happy DXing,


Where's That Station (WTS)

Have you ever heard a call sign and couldn't find a listing for it? Then later you discover that what you heard and the actual call sign are two different things. WTS is a great reference tool for MW dxers, and it's packed with features. You can use it to log call signs, and look up call letters as well. It even takes wild cards. KB*R for example. Another neat feature is that it shows you distances, and keeps track of your furthest loggings. When you log a station that is further than anything you've logged so far, a window pops up congratulating you. There are several other MW queries you can use as well. One thing nice about this program is that the author, Eric Force, continually updates the database. Did I mention that this program is free? Here's the link

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Finding other Hobbyists

One of the biggest advancements for me in the monitoring hobby was the ability to find others who share the same excitement of the hobby as I do. On the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is where I located chat channels where I could chat with others about what I was listening to. I found channels on the Starchat network with people who had far more experience than I in the hobby, and they were willing to share their knowlege with me in real time. I have learned more about radio in the past four or five years by hanging out on the Starchat network in channels like #SWL and #MWDX, than I ever did before.

MWDX (Medium Wave DX) as the name implies, is a chat channel designated solely for AM broadcast. People from all over the globe hang out there to chat about topics such as equipment, conditions, dxtips, and up and coming changes in the hobby like IBOC. It was here that I developed a real appreciation for the AM broadcast hobby. I could chat in real time with others who have been logging MW stations for years.

For more information on the IRC and the Starchat network follow this link

Cheers for now

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Welcome MW DXers

This blog was created as a place to discuss such topics as antennas, receivers, conditions, testings, loggings, TA's, graveyard channels or anything else medium wave related. When possible, I will post links and tips for reference to help or assist those who are interested in this great hobby.

Kind regards,