Monday, October 17, 2005

Mag Loop Antenna

A friend called today asking for information on transmitting loop antennas. I have never used one personally, but from what I've experienced with other kinds of receiving loop antennas, I'd bet their well worth the effort to build. QRPer's boast of transcontinental QSOs with the magnetic loops in many of the articles I've read. Feeding the loop is relatively simple, you can either feed it with an inductively coupled smaller loop, or with a capacitive coupling. There are several plans to be found simply by doing a Google search for magnetic loops. Don't let the remote tuning process intimidate you. It may not be necessary if you plan to use a couple of frequencies inside the same band ie. 40 meters. Below are some links that will get you pointed in the right direction.
Felix Meyers Loop page
Mississippi Style 40 Meter Loop
K1RST's Loop Page
AA5TB's Small Transmitting Loop Page
Magnetic Loop Diagrams