Thursday, April 21, 2005

Finding other Hobbyists

One of the biggest advancements for me in the monitoring hobby was the ability to find others who share the same excitement of the hobby as I do. On the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is where I located chat channels where I could chat with others about what I was listening to. I found channels on the Starchat network with people who had far more experience than I in the hobby, and they were willing to share their knowlege with me in real time. I have learned more about radio in the past four or five years by hanging out on the Starchat network in channels like #SWL and #MWDX, than I ever did before.

MWDX (Medium Wave DX) as the name implies, is a chat channel designated solely for AM broadcast. People from all over the globe hang out there to chat about topics such as equipment, conditions, dxtips, and up and coming changes in the hobby like IBOC. It was here that I developed a real appreciation for the AM broadcast hobby. I could chat in real time with others who have been logging MW stations for years.

For more information on the IRC and the Starchat network follow this link

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