Wednesday, April 27, 2005

CJML 580 in Winnipeg on the air for two weeks in May

A temporary radio station will be launched in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, on May 1st. CJML will be broadcasting for two weeks on 580 kHz mediumwave. CJML commemorates the 60th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day in the Second World War. As well as wartime memories, the broadcasts will feature events leading up to and immediately following the war, big band and other period music, and appearances by veteran Winnipeg radio personalities. The calls CJML stand for Come Journey Down Memory Lane. The station can be contacted by writing to 2565 Broadcasters, P.O. Box 46124, RPO Westdale, Winnipeg, R3R 3S3, Canada. If CJML uses the facilities of the 50-kilowatt CKY, which until May 2004 operated for years on 580 AM, it should be heard widely in North America. Local DXer Shawn Axelrod was the first to report about the radio project.(, April 26, 2005)


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