Sunday, October 29, 2006

The K3IWK 10-Element Yagi

The K3IWK 10-Element Yagi
This is my latest 2 meter yagi. It was designed by Charles Byers K3IWK. According to the Central States VHF Society gain measuring results, this yagi packs a 12.7 dbd punch, which for it's size is excellent. Charles does an excellent job machining the parts and making sure that it all fits together nicely. It's solid construction will outlast me. I am currently feeding this antenna with 70 feet of LMR-400 coax, and for the time being, it is mounted on my roof. There is a beacon located 210 miles SW of me that I can hear fairly regularly with this new antenna and my longest confirmed contact was with WØGHZ in Maplewood, MN which is 173 miles S of me. Thanks to this new antenna, I am really looking forward to many years of contesting.


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